trace - the new hope?

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One Line Summary

Can the "trace" utility merge perf and ftrace.


The tracing community has had its fragmentation and lots of issues between different designs and efforts. Two in kernel utilities that focus on different things have a large overlap (perf and ftrace). Linus Torvalds got into the mix a bit and stated what he wanted from the tracing community. This resulted in November of 2010, Ingo Molnar and Thomas Gleixner to come up with and announce the “trace” utility.

But this project has not been taken up by anyone, nor has Ingo and Thomas had the time to work on it.

Can this utility, being new and with no defined ABI, be the new hope for the conflicts between perf and ftrace? By starting from scratch, we could work out a plan to make trace have the best of both worlds and solve this conflict once and for all.


tracing, trace, perf, ftrace

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  • Steven Rostedt

    Red Hat


    Steven Rostedt has been coding the Linux kernel since 1998. He started while working on his Master’s in CS. In 2001 he joined TimeSys and started his professional career in Linux kernel hacking. Currently Steven works with Red Hat supporting their Real Time kernel, but spends a lot of his time doing mainline work with tracing, the scheduler and pretty much anything else he wants to tinker with in the kernel.