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One Line Summary

lightning fast booting on x86 / x64 platforms


coreboot is a Free Software project aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS / UEFI / firmware found in most computers. coreboot performs a little bit of hardware initialization and then executes additional boot logic, called a payload.

With the separation of hardware initialization and later boot logic, coreboot can scale from specialized applications that run directly from firmware, run operating systems in flash, load custom bootloaders, or implement firmware standards, like PC BIOS services, UEFI or Open Firmware. This allows for systems to only include the features necessary in the target application, reducing the amount of code and flash space required.

coreboot currently supports over 230 different mainboards and gets to loading the kernel in as little as 400ms on some systems.


firmware bios coreboot fastboot


  • Stepan

    Stefan Reinauer

    Google Inc.


    Stefan started the /dev/bios and OpenBIOS project in 1997, and joined the LinuxBIOS project (now coreboot) in 1999. He worked with Eric Biederman on the first AMD64 port for LinuxBIOS/coreboot back in 2003, starting off LinuxBIOS v2 development. In 2005 Stefan founded coresystems GmbH, a company taking care of commercial requirements for the coreboot project, working on ports to new chipsets and mainboards.
    In 2010 Stefan started working for Google Inc.