systemd: One Year Later

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One Line Summary

systemd was first announced a year ago and has since become an integral part of various Linux distributions, including Fedora 15.


In this talk we’ll discuss what we have reached so far, and where we are going. How we want to turn systemd from a pure init system to a modular platform for building Linux OSes, consolidating the balkanized Linux basic userspace. We’ll cover all the technical changes coming next to make this happen.


boot, init, systemd


  • Lennart Poettering

    Red Hat, Inc.


    I work for Red Hat in the Desktop Group

  • K-bw

    Kay Sievers

    Red Hat


    Kay is working most of its time on linux hotplug related topics, hacks on udev, systemd, the device management code in the kernel, and a bunch of related projects.