Cleaning up the Filesystem Hierarchy

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One Line Summary

Greatly simplifying, securing, improving our traditional filesystem layout without causing major breakage


We’ll talk about what changes to the traditional Linux file system hierarchy are needed to provide out-of-the-box support for read-only / or /usr file systems and stateless boots. How to implement complete separation of distribution/package installed and host-only/private files. Sharing of system images between containers/guests. Atomic system upgrades/rollbacks.

Lessons learned from: /System, /Users, /Cache, /Application from Android, MacOS, …


fhs, filesystems, standards


  • Lennart Poettering

    Red Hat, Inc.


    I work for Red Hat in the Desktop Group

  • K-bw

    Kay Sievers

    Red Hat


    Kay is working most of its time on linux hotplug related topics, hacks on udev, systemd, the device management code in the kernel, and a bunch of related projects.