Towards consistent interfaces to expose DCB attributes to applications

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One Line Summary

This presentation will propose interfaces to expose DCB attributes to MPIO, virtualization, and other applications consistently regardless of underlying device type.


DCB provides Ethernet QOS and prioritization of protocols. Networking devices use a common LLDP agent ‘lldpad’ and an existing Netlink kernel API to implement this standard with multiple devices consolidating on this interface.

For networking devices the current interfaces work well allowing application to become DCB aware using standard socket options and QOS queuing disciplines. However, many storage devices do not export networking devices and use embedded LLDP engines. Today these devices either simple do not expose DCB parameters to the upper layers or use proprietary interfaces. These inconsistencies make it difficult to drive application policies using DCB attributes.

In this presentation we plan to outline the existing networking interfaces and propose a model to extend this API to incorporate storage devices that do not export networking devices. This interface should be generic enough to support usage models within virtualization, MPIO, and other applications.

We hope this talk can launch a discussion to determine requirements and get buy in from the various storage devices to support this model.


networking, DCB, QOS, iSCSI, FCoE

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  • Biography

    John is a network software engineer in Intel’s LAN Access Division. He maintains the open-lldp project, lldpad and focuses on related Data Center Bridging (DCB) and Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) items.