Future of AVRCP on Linux

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One Line Summary

This talk will present the features Linux is missing to comply with the current AVRCP spec, and a proposal of how to achieve fully compliance.


AVRCP stands for Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, and is the profile responsible for controlling devices streaming audio and video over Bluetooth.

This profile is composed of two roles: Target (TG), which is the peer under control, and Controller (CT), which is the controlling peer. At the moment only receiving control commands as the Target role is supported by Linux, which is defined by version 1.0 of the spec. Newer versions added sending metadata information from the TG to the CT (version 1.3) and the CT being able to browse the media collection on the TG (version 1.4). To have all AVRCP-defined features supported by Linux these two need to be added on the Target implementation, and the whole Controller role needs to be implemented.


multimedia, networking, audio, video, bluetooth, wireless, metadata