Agile mobile development and deployment with QML

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One Line Summary

Learn how QML make developings and deploying mobile appliances easy (and fun) on Symbian and MeeGo.


Mobile applications are getting more appealing to developers as embedded devices are gaining more and more popularity between users.

Back in the days developing, testing and deploying a mobile appliance was not an easy task, and required a lot of effort and knowledge – but times have changed.

Nowadays, creating and deploying an application on a mobile device has become easier than ever thanks to QML, Qt and Qt Creator.

This talk will introduce the audience to QML and its main concepts, showing how this technology has been designed from the ground up to cover the whole device spectrum, ranging from mobile to desktop, making it easy for the developer to target multiple form factors.

It will be shown how QML can still use the full power of Qt as a backend, and is capable to integrate seamlessly QML code with Javascript and C++.

The talk will be rich in demos, including a development and deployment how-to, on Maemo/MeeGo and Symbian.


qt, mobile, meego, development, maemo, symbian, qml


  • Drf


    Dario Freddi is a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager. He started contributing to KDE in 2007, nowadays he an eV member and a KDE core contributor. Besides KDE, he works on several open source projects including Telepathy, and specializes in technologies integration. He recently obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Engineering.