Codemap, google maps for source code

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One Line Summary

Codemap is a semantic source code visualizer helping to navigate, visualize and search a large codebase using ideas similar to google maps.


It is very difficult to understand million lines of code, to get the big picture. Developers still mostly use 80-columns editors like vim or emacs, and tools like ctags or cscope to explore a large codebase.

Codemap is a graphical source code browser with a zooming interface a la google maps. When used on a recent 30 inches monitor, it can help quickly understand a large codebase. Like google earth it also provides layers that helps the developer sees the codebase through different views (code coverage, age, number of authors, etc).

This talk will present the ideas behind codemap and its underlying infrastructure pfff. pfff (for PHP frontend for fun originally), started as a static analysis framework for PHP to analyze the facebook frontend code, but has since evolved to support multiple programming languages, including C.


Static analysis, software visualization, program understanding

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