Federated File System on Linux

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One Line Summary

Linux FedFS implementation needs help defining its user interfaces


I propose a Birds of a Feather session to discuss the nascent Linux implementation of the FedFS standards. The presenters would introduce FedFS, roadmap the current Linux implementation, and then walk through some of the proposed administrative interfaces, including how autofs is used, how mountd is used, and perhaps what a GUI for managing a FedFS domain might look like. The presenters seek guidance on the syntax and appearance of these interfaces, as well as advice on how to construct them. Appropriate audience for this BoF would include, but not be limited to, NFS kernel and user space developers, autofs developers, and system administrators who deploy NFS.


NFS, autofs, GUI


  • Chuck Lever



    Chuck has spent the past twenty years working with distributed file systems on various O/S platforms. He’s made his home with the Center for Information Technology Integration at the University of Michigan, at AOL/Netscape, with NetApp, and currently with the Enterprise Linux team at Oracle.