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One Line Summary

The Cloud Track focuses on the underlying design methodologies, development tools, and emerging best practices around Linux and Open Source in Public and Private Clouds


Linux and other Open Source software already seem to provide the plumbing for a significant share of the world’s public and private clouds. Yet there are some critically important questions in this space, that hopefully sessions in this track will answer:

  • How is Linux currently providing this plumbing, and why?
  • What’s missing from current cloud stacks, and what’s coming next?
  • Where is there room for improvement?
  • Are there free software implementations that are currently lagging behind proprietary ones, and what can we do to improve them?
  • What ensures that Linux will be, or will continue to be the preferred OS for both cloud hosts, and cloud guests?
  • Are there fundamental changes to the lowest levels of Linux that might benefit cloud hosts and cloud guests?
  • Are there emerging cloud computing standards that would help adoption of Linux in this space, or would they stifle innovation?

These topics merely scratch the surface of Cloud Computing’s pertinent questions for Linux Plumbers.


cloud, virtualization, iaas, paas, saas


  • Kim0-hg-white

    Ahmed Kamal



    Ubuntu Cloud Community Liaison

  • Kirkland

    Dustin Kirkland



    Dustin Kirkland is an Ubuntu Core Developer of the Ubuntu Server for Canonical. His work on the Ubuntu Server has spanned encryption, security, virtualization, cloud computing, energy efficiency, among others. Dustin is particularly interested in command line interfaces and technologies, having authored PowerNap, a dynamic and configurable power manager for servers, and Byobu, a text window manager based on GNU Screen. Dustin lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Kim, and their two Australian Shepherds, Tiger and Aggie.