PowerNap Dynamic Power Management

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Scheduled: Friday, September 9, 2011 from 10:50 – 11:40am in Alexander Valley Ball Room

One Line Summary

Like a screen saver for Servers, PowerNap lowers the power state of underutilized systems


PowerNap is a dynamic, configurable power manager for Ubuntu servers. Servers are put to “sleep”, suspending, hibernating, or going into a power-save mode when PowerNap’s extensible monitoring system determines the machine to be underutilized. Originally designed for nodes of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), we have enhanced it for general use, saving power in Linux data centers, home desktops, and extending laptop batteries. PowerNap’s intelligent monitoring system watches for User Activity (Console, Mouse, Keyboard), System Activity (Load, Processes, Process IO), and/or Network Activity (wake-on-lan, UDP, TCP) beyond user configurable thresholds — sleeping inactive systems, and waking when activity demands.

We hope to generate discussion at Linux Plumbers around:
a) additional PowerNap’s monitors, sensible default thresholds
b) power saving scripts we have added to pm-utils
c) integration with upstart/systemd event based init systems to replace some of PowerNap’s current polling methods


powernap, power, energy, ubuntu, server

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  • Kirkland

    Dustin Kirkland



    Dustin Kirkland is an Ubuntu Core Developer of the Ubuntu Server for Canonical. His work on the Ubuntu Server has spanned encryption, security, virtualization, cloud computing, energy efficiency, among others. Dustin is particularly interested in command line interfaces and technologies, having authored PowerNap, a dynamic and configurable power manager for servers, and Byobu, a text window manager based on GNU Screen. Dustin lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Kim, and their two Australian Shepherds, Tiger and Aggie.