Dynamic Firewall Management and Network Zones


One Line Summary

A proposal for dynamic firewall management with network zone support.


At the moment most firewall solutions are static and can not react on service or application needs or requests without restarting or recreation of the firewall. An interface is needed to make it possible that applications or services can request to dynamically punch holes in the firewall. Network connections can be grouped and classified in zones according to their trust level. This way a set of firewall rules and policies can be used for each zone separately. This makes firewall management and handling easier for all users.


network security firewall


  • Biography

    Thomas Wörner got in contact with Linux in 1993 at the university. He started to use it at home and wrote some programs mostly for the computer center at university. He joined Red Hat at first in September 1999 as a part timer and left after 1.5 years to finish studies at a university. He joined Red Hat back in December 2002 as a full time software engineer. Since that time he was working on several components and started to rework the firewall management and setup. One of his actual projects is a dynamic firewall manager.