Block IO multiqueue for new and legacy hardware

Scheduled: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 from 10:00 – 10:50am in Alexander Valley Ball Room

One Line Summary

Performance results and development of multiqueue IO support for the Linux kernel.


New hardware such as NVM-express supports multiple submission and response queues, yet Linux do not really take advantage of these yet. For high IOPS devices such as flash backed storage, utilizing these features would be a great win. Even on existing hardware that doesn’t necessarily have multiple queues, there are some overlapping tricks that can be used to improve our performance on fast devices.

This presentation will detail the work that has been done to support both types of devices in this area, along with performance results.


kernel, storage, flash, IO


  • Jens Axboe



    Linux kernel developer working for Fusion-io as a Principal Engineer. I work mostly on block IO and storage related things. I’m the maintainer of the Linux block IO layer.