Linux DVB framework, two years from now

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One Line Summary

This paper presents the gaps/enhancements required in current Linux DVB demux API with respect to next generation DVB hardware.


DVB APIs have gone through lot of changes, but the demux part has not seen much progress. Even the integration of DVB with V4L has done well. But when it comes to DVB, all these days, the focus was mainly on low budget PC based TV tuner cards or a low end set-top-box. The front-end part got tremendous attention in the second half of the last decade and we can see this impact on the current front-end API set. Last few years has seen some good traction on the demuxing block of a DVB hardware (not as good as front-end). Many products started using cable cards with multi-stream support (MCard). But all this growth in hardware did not have a great impact on demux APIs. What could be the reason? Are we satisfied since the basic functionality is met with current APIs, or “We do not use Linux DVB framework”?

This paper will be a starting point to prove, “enhancements are required in demux APIs”. Also, this is the right time to introduce support for cable-card (MCard & SCard) management in the framework. If the enhancements under discussion are met then some of the products like, head-ends (a muxer), high end set-top-box and products with state of art conditional access might be able to use Linux DVB.

The intention of this paper is to present the gaps with respect to current/future hardware and not to sell a new API set. The outcome of this paper should be an active group of community members with similar interest (with the help of maintainers) analyzing the gaps (not only the one’s presented here) and take a call on “need” or “no need” for DVB (Demux) API enhancement.


device driver, DaVinci, V4L2, DVB

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  • Mansoor Ahamed Basheer

    Texas Instruments Inc.


    Mansoor Ahamed, Basheer is currently working as Lead Engineer,in Texas Instruments India Pvt Limited, Bangalore. He is responsible for supporting SATA/NOR/NAND/SPI/IOMMU/TILER on DM81x TI platforms. Mansoor’s areas of interest are mtd drivers, file system, cryptography and network protocols.