Open-standards based Network Virtualization Management of DataCenters

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One Line Summary

This presentation outlines the current work done in libvirt-cim to support DCN features like IEEE 802.1Qbg, VEPA/VSI, QoS, ACL etc. and shares future plans to manage virtualized networks using libvirt-cim.


Enterprises today integrate the virtual and physical network via proprietary component-based interfaces. However, new standards are evolving to meet the need to deliver speed and scalability in a virtualized environment. One such standard is IEEE 802.1Qbg that deals with network profile automation when a virtual machine is setup and migrates. The standard moves the switching function onto the physical network while introducing the concept of VEPA (Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator) on the host.

As we strive to create a dynamic and agile datacenter, that enables ease of VM migration while enabling applications to remain highly available and secure. We are faced with the challenge of managing such complex datacenters using tools that follow open standards and conform to evolving standards like IEEE 802.1Qbg.

This presentation discusses the management of modern Data Center Networks (DCN) using open standard based tools like libvirt and CIM. Libvirt is an open source API and management tool for managing platform virtualization. CIM is an open standard defined and published by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) that describes how to control and exchange information about managed elements.


virtualization management, DCN, libvirt, cim, libvirt-cim


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    Vivek works in IBM’s Linux Technology Center leading Linux Containers and Network Virtualization. Vivek has worked on Linux resource management, delay-accounting, Energy & hardware management, and authored InfiniBand, IPoIB and IEEE 802.1Qbg networking standards.

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    Libvirt-cim contributor