Tracing: User Space Trace (faster, better, easier)

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One Line Summary

Explain User Space Trace (UST) capabilities for application analysis and layout a vision for fully dynamic tracing.


This presentation will demonstrate event logging with UST in the context of an multi-threaded embedded application. It will discuss the various costs associated with UST.

The challenges that lie ahead are in supporting fully dynamic tracing with multiple processes having multiple threads. How can we solve the problem of instrumenting code after the fact that we cannot easily change? The talk will walk through the possible solutions to the problem with a emphasis on merging some existing technologies that are already developed or being developed as a part of system tap and uprobes.


tracing, embedded


  • Jason Wessel

    Wind River


    Jason is a long time Linux developer since the early 90’s. He has worked on a wide range of projects over the years spanning from web servers, proxies, and qemu, to kernel drivers and debuggers.

    Jason currently works at Wind River as a product architect for the WR Linux core runtime. He is also the current KGDB/KDB maintainer.