Telepathy: Instant Messaging from Desktop to Mobile


One Line Summary

How IM is being made easy by Telepathy, scaling from desktop to mobile devices.


In a world which is becoming more “social” by the minute, Instant Messaging is becoming a primary need in desktop and mobile appliances. Telepathy is a free development framework designed to fill this purpose.

This talk provides the audience an insight into the design and the problems solved by Telepathy. It will show how its capabilities and scalability made it a default component in GNOME, KDE and MeeGo.

The first part will focus on the structure of Telepathy: what is a Connection Manager, how applications can take advantage of Telepathy, how Telepathy is meant to be used outside the classical “IM Client” scope. Some use cases in GNOME, KDE and MeeGo will be presented.

The second part of this talk will demonstrate the usage of Telepathy through Telepathy-Qt4. This library provides Qt bindings to Telepathy which can be used in different applications to provide social features. It will be shown how an existing application can be empowered with just a few lines of code.

Finally, a short overview on future plans for Telepathy and planned developments will be given.


telepathy, qt, kde, gnome, desktop, mobile, meego


  • Drf


    Dario Freddi is a Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager. He started contributing to KDE in 2007, nowadays he an eV member and a KDE core contributor. Besides KDE, he works on several open source projects including Telepathy, and specializes in technologies integration. He recently obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Engineering.