Mobile track

Discussion of issues related to Mobile computing, in particular the following issues are topical:

  • the usual kernel/power usage/arm/etc fun times
  • significant performance issues like kdbus that matter a great deal for mobile and not a jot for desktops; we can generally get quite a few fun performance/optimisation talks out of mobile people
  • graphics/UI stack issues to some extent: again, projects like clutter and wayland that are a lot more critical on mobile than desktop
  • the higher-level side of all the relevant platforms: meego, android, bada (maybe webos?)
  • anything relevant to sharing between the platforms: webkit in particular comes to mind here


Proposals for this track

* Agile mobile development and deployment with QML

Learn how QML make developings and deploying mobile appliances easy (and fun) on Symbian and MeeGo.
Mobile 05/10/2011
Dario Freddi

* Folks: Contact aggregation for your desktop and mobile

How the Folks project pulls together all your contacts and integrates them into the open source desktop and mobile platforms.
Mobile 05/14/2011
Travis Reitter

* Introducing dmaengine API for TI DMA controllers

Adapting and extending the kernel dmaengine API for high-end dma controllers like EDMA found on Texas Instruments DaVinci devices and SDMA found on OMAP devices.
Mobile 05/15/2011
Sundaram Raju, Sekhar Nori

* Introducing SATA support for Texas Instruments OMAP5 and nextgen DaVinci technology devices.

The state of art, benchmarks, software design challenges, and lessons learned in adding SATA support for OMAP5 and nextgen DaVinci technology devices.
Mobile 05/06/2011
Mansoor Ahamed Basheer, Keshava Munegowda

* Thermal Management for ARM-based Systems

How should thermal management for ARM devices be done within existing thermal constructs (hwmon and thermal framework)
Mobile 03/30/2011
Steve Jahnke

* Why Video calls on a mobile device don't just work.

An overview of what is involved in making video calls and the issues typically encountered on mobile platforms. (slides)
Mobile 05/15/2011
Sjoerd Simons