Topic Suggestions

Topic suggestions are proposals for chairing discussion based microconferences

Proposals for this sessiontype

* An Intuitive Introduction to RCU

An explanation of RCU appealing to life-experience intuitions.
Scaling 04/29/2011
Paul McKenney

* ARM platform minisummit

ARM platform and cross-distribution standardization
Embedded Build Systems 08/15/2011
Jon Masters

* Building common tools to manage file, LVM and hardware features

The session will detail a design and progress towards getting a unified way to manage common features like snapshots, growth, shrinking for file systems and files.
File and Storage Systems 04/13/2011
Ric Wheeler

* Byte Queue Limits

Byte queue limits are a mechanism to limit NIC HW queues by number of bytes as opposed to number of packets, thus reducing buffer bloat problem caused by these queues.
Bufferbloat and Networking 04/23/2011
Tom Herbert

* Checkpoint/restart in the userspace

Checkpoint/restart in the userspace (slides)
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Cleaning up the Filesystem Hierarchy

Greatly simplifying, securing, improving our traditional filesystem layout without causing major breakage
Early Boot and Init Systems 05/19/2011
Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering

* Codemap, google maps for source code

Codemap is a semantic source code visualizer helping to navigate, visualize and search a large codebase using ideas similar to google maps. (slides)
Development Tools 04/29/2011
yoann padioleau

* Compressed data support in sound subsystem

The new streaming interface proposal provides a framework in sound subsystem to support offloaded decoders and encoders
Audio 06/01/2011
Vinod Koul, Pierre Bossart

* Container in a file

Container in a file (loopback-like block device)
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Containers and Cgroups

Discussion of Containers/Cgroups issues
Containers and Cgroups 05/18/2011
James E.J. Bottomley

* Control loops in userspace

Kernel cgroups are not sufficient for our containment needs. (slides)
Containers and Cgroups 06/14/2011
Tim Hockin

* coreboot

lightning fast booting on x86 / x64 platforms
Early Boot and Init Systems 05/20/2011
Stefan Reinauer

* dcache management

Add dcache accounting/limiting to the kernel
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Designing for the Disconnect - experiences in exiting the cloud in central america

Designing for the disconnect - Enabling the Edge - some lessons in hardware, software and network design, learned in Central America, the hard way.
Cloud 05/01/2011
dave taht

* dm-verity: a device mapper target for integrity checking of block devices

The verity target provides transparent integrity checking of block devices using a cryptographic digest.
File and Storage Systems 05/01/2011
Mandeep Baines

* Dracut as a general purpose Bootloader

A proposal for an EFI like boot mechanism with a dracut initramfs and the linux kernel using kexec to boot other linux kernels.
Early Boot and Init Systems 05/19/2011
Harald Hoyer

* DSP management - status & discussion

Status update and discussion on future directions for the control of DSP features on
Audio 06/01/2011
Mark Brown

* Dynamic Firewall Management and Network Zones

A proposal for dynamic firewall management with network zone support.
Bufferbloat and Networking 05/26/2011
Thomas Wörner

* Efficient utilization by overcommitment.

Efficient utilization by overcommitment.
Containers and Cgroups 07/12/2011
Vrijendra Gokhale

* Enhance video experience by Multi-plane-mc

This presentation will introduce multi-plane HW solution and provide one software solution to make good use of multi-plane and enable translucency.
Desktop 06/01/2011
Juan Zhao

* Entering a container

Container enter functionality
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Eucalyptus: design of an open-source cloud computing platform

In this presentation, we discuss the set of design and implementation details that play into developing a Linux-based, open-source, large scale, infrastructure level distributed system that implements a private cloud computing platform.
Cloud 04/28/2011
Daniel Nurmi

* Extending CPU accounting stats

Extending CPU accounting stats
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Finding and burying Configuration Defects in Linux with the undertaker

Finding and burying Configuration Defects in Linux with the undertaker (slides)
Development Tools 03/20/2011
Reinhard Tartler

* Future of AVRCP on Linux

This talk will present the features Linux is missing to comply with the current AVRCP spec, and a proposal of how to achieve fully compliance.
Audio 05/15/2011
João Paulo Rechi Vita

* GPU kernel and userspace border

Building an efficient and maintenable API for allowing userspace to program GPU is one of the most important piece of the graphic stacks (slides)
Desktop 05/14/2011
Jerome Glisse

* Hierarchical Cgroup support in userland

Using hierarchical cgroups to manage shared resources.
Containers and Cgroups 07/11/2011
Xiaohui Chen

* Holistic power management

How can we optimise the power management of an entire system? (slides)
Power Management 07/08/2011
Matthew Garrett

* Iogrind: I/O Operations Analysis For Improved Application Startup

A new version of Iogrind for I/O analysis, touching kernel internals this time.
Early Boot and Init Systems 07/27/2011
Mihai Maruseac

* KVM/Xen intergration

Both Xen and KVM do virtualization. What can we integrate to leverage each other advantages (and reduce the maintainer headache)
Virtualization 04/29/2011
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

* Libvirt Simulation for Cloud - Proposal

Linux Virtualization Stack simulation using libvirt APIs
Virtualization 05/02/2011
Supriya Kannery, Venugopala Channarayappa

* Linux as an HVM guest: receive interrupts as Xen events

Remapping legacy interrupts and MSIs onto event channels in Xen HVM guests
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini

* Linux Idle Power Checkup

Discussion of Linux idle power management vs other OSes (slides)
Power Management 03/18/2011
Len Brown

* LTTng 2.0 : Application, Library and Kernel tracing within your Linux distribution

Presentation of the new LTTng 2.0 kernel and userspace tracer.
Tracing 07/03/2011
Mathieu Desnoyers

* Making Signals Scale in Multithreaded Apps

An overview of the Linux kernel scalability bottlenecks relating to signals in multithreaded apps.
Scaling 04/26/2011
Matt Fleming

* Memory controller improvements

Proposed improvements to cgroups memory controller
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* New filesystem freeze API

Folproof filesystem freeze API for user space daemons and guest agents. (slides)
Virtualization 08/29/2011
Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao

* OpenGL (and friends) in the Future: A notional view

OpenGL (and friends) in the Future: A notional view of what may happen in the land of graphics APIs. (slides)
Desktop 08/19/2011
Dave Shreiner

* Optimizing Firefox: Why Large Applications Start Slowly on Linux

Linker, compiler, runtime linker and the kernel can be improved to start applications significantly faster
Early Boot and Init Systems 08/23/2011
Taras Glek

* Persistent Data Storage in KVM-based Clouds

A discussion of implementation and performance issues for persistent data storage in KVM-based clouds
Cloud 06/08/2011
Khoa Huynh, Badari Pulavarty

* Proc fs virtualization

An in-container view of /proc fs
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin, Pavel Emelyanov

* Qemu in a Linux based stubdom

The challenges and the benefits of running Qemu in a Linux based stubdom
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini

* Remus - Transparent HA for Xen VMs with Stateful Failover

Remus is a HA system for Xen VMs that preserves complete Guest OS runtime state (including network connections) upon failover.
Cloud 06/02/2011
Shriram Rajagopalan

* Scalability problems in/caused by fork

Scalability problems in/caused by fork (slides)
Scaling 07/14/2011
Andi Kleen

* Scalable packet processing with many queues and cores

Advancements in NIC hardware and functionality, as well as things like increasing core counts on systems present new opportunities for taking networking performance to next level.
Bufferbloat and Networking 04/24/2011
Willem de Bruijn

* Securing the Edge

Embedded Linux routers are everywhere. And many are buggy.
Bufferbloat and Networking 05/01/2011
dave taht

* Seeking a path to zero-copy paravirtualised networking in the Linux kernel

How can we reintroduce the zero-copy behaviour that was removed as part of the process of upstreaming Xen's netback driver (slides)
Virtualization 04/19/2011
Ian Campbell

* Session Lead

Session leader for the Storage and Filesystem MC
File and Storage Systems 03/18/2011
James E.J. Bottomley

* Session Lead

Tools to aid in the development of Linux code
Development Tools 03/30/2011
Julia Lawall

* Session Lead

PM Development in The Linux Kernel Since August 2010 (slides)
Power Management 03/18/2011
Rafael Wysocki

* Session Lead

Identifying and eliminating the effects of bufferbloat
Bufferbloat and Networking 03/30/2011
John Linville

* Session Lead

Scaling Linux, both up and down
Scaling 03/29/2011
Paul McKenney

* Session lead

Session lead for Virtualization micro conf
Virtualization 03/23/2011
Jes Sorensen

* State of the BufferFish

Status update on Beating the (buffer) bloat.
Bufferbloat and Networking 05/01/2011
dave taht, James Gettys

* systemd: One Year Later

systemd was first announced a year ago and has since become an integral part of various Linux distributions, including Fedora 15.
Early Boot and Init Systems 05/19/2011
Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers

* TCP Fast Open

Data exchange during TCP handshake
Bufferbloat and Networking 04/29/2011
Yuchung Cheng

* Tolerating hardware device failures in software

Improving reliability of Linux device drivers against hardware failures and hardware specification bugs (slides)
Development Tools 04/30/2011
Asim Kadav

* Towards consistent interfaces to expose DCB attributes to applications

This presentation will propose interfaces to expose DCB attributes to MPIO, virtualization, and other applications consistently regardless of underlying device type. (slides)
File and Storage Systems 05/16/2011
John Fastabend

* trace - the new hope?

Can the "trace" utility merge perf and ftrace. (slides)
Tracing 05/24/2011
Steven Rostedt

* Tracing

Tracing 05/11/2011
Elena Zannoni, Masami Hiramatsu

* Tracing KVM guests from the host (discussion)

Tracing the Guest from the Host, a discussion (slides)
Tracing 09/09/2011
Dhaval Giani

* Track Lead

The Cloud Track focuses on the underlying design methodologies, development tools, and emerging best practices around Linux and Open Source in Public and Private Clouds
Cloud 04/15/2011
Dustin Kirkland, Ahmed Kamal

* Track overview

The Unified Buffer Management microconference will use a free-form agenda, with time blocked out as shown below
Unified Memory Management 08/30/2011
Jesse Barker

* Unified Memory Management

A check-point of the Linaro-driven approach to addressing the memory management issues encountered by the ARM ecosystem. (slides)
Unified Memory Management 05/16/2011
Jesse Barker

* Userspace RCU Library: RCU Synchronization and RCU/Lock-Free Data Containers for Userspace

Presentation of the Userspace RCU library features. (slides)
Scaling 07/03/2011
Mathieu Desnoyers

* VFIO: PCI device assignment breaks free of KVM

VFIO allows exporting PCI devices to userspace drivers. Discussion of using this interface for assigning physical devices to virtual machines and obstacles remaining for integration. (slides)
Virtualization 07/28/2011
Alex Williamson

* Virtio on Xen

How does Virtio compare with traditional Xen PV drivers? (slides)
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini, Anthony PERARD

* vzctl for LXC

Alternative LXC user-space implementation
Containers and Cgroups 08/24/2011
Kir Kolyshkin

* Why Video calls on a mobile device don't just work.

An overview of what is involved in making video calls and the issues typically encountered on mobile platforms. (slides)
Mobile 05/15/2011
Sjoerd Simons

* Yabusame: Postcopy Live Migration for Qemu/KVM

Yabusame is yet another live migration mechanism for Qemu/KVM, which implements the migration technique known as "postcopy" or "lazy" migration. (slides)
Virtualization 06/02/2011
Takahiro Hirofuchi