Desktop track

This proposal has been rejected.

Desktop covers a multitude of sins, including graphics and AV. This track will be discussing all of the plumbing issues involved in it


Due to a last minute speaker cancellation, we had a presentation from Rob Clark on video and overlays, which can be found here: slides

Proposals for this track

* Compressed data support in sound subsystem

The new streaming interface proposal provides a framework in sound subsystem to support offloaded decoders and encoders
Desktop 05/12/2011
Vinod Koul, Pierre Bossart

* Enhance video experience by Multi-plane-mc

This presentation will introduce multi-plane HW solution and provide one software solution to make good use of multi-plane and enable translucency.
Desktop 06/01/2011
Juan Zhao

* GPU kernel and userspace border

Building an efficient and maintenable API for allowing userspace to program GPU is one of the most important piece of the graphic stacks (slides)
Desktop 05/14/2011
Jerome Glisse

* Hardware Accelerated multimedia, the missing parts

How the kernel can help user space make best use of hardware for multimedia acceleration.
Desktop 03/25/2011
Edward Hervey

* Libferris: Local data, programs, and the Web are all filesystems

Libferris allows local kernel filesystems, composite files like XML, relational databases and the Web (flickr etc) to be accessed as a virtual filesystem.
Desktop 03/28/2011
Benjamin Martin

* OpenGL (and friends) in the Future: A notional view

OpenGL (and friends) in the Future: A notional view of what may happen in the land of graphics APIs. (slides)
Desktop 08/19/2011
Dave Shreiner

* Telepathy: Instant Messaging from Desktop to Mobile

How IM is being made easy by Telepathy, scaling from desktop to mobile devices.
Desktop 04/28/2011
Dario Freddi