Power Management track

The track will deal with issues related to power management, mostly in kernel space. The discussion will cover various system form factors, including servers, desktop machines and mobile devices and various aspects of power management, such as CPU power management, I/O runtime power management, suspend/resume. In particular, the following topics are anticipated:

  • Review of core power management changes in the kernel over the last 12 months.
  • Idle power usage.
  • Power domains and multilevel device power management.


Proposals for this track

* Holistic power management

How can we optimise the power management of an entire system? (slides)
Power Management 07/08/2011
Matthew Garrett

* Linux Idle Power Checkup

Discussion of Linux idle power management vs other OSes (slides)
Power Management 03/18/2011
Len Brown

* Session Lead

PM Development in The Linux Kernel Since August 2010 (slides)
Power Management 03/18/2011
Rafael Wysocki