Cloud track

Cloud computing is a term that covers a multitude of Sins. The specific aim of this MC session is to discuss the aspects of the Cloud problem which impinge on the low level Linux ecosystem (things like cloud filesystems, object replication, application availability, kernel support for billing infrastructures, etc.)


Proposals for this track

* Analyzing and Optimizing Server Workload Latency

A look at the problems related to latency in server workloads and solutions we are exploring to improve average and tail latencies.
Cloud 04/29/2011
Venki Pallipadi

* Designing for the Disconnect - experiences in exiting the cloud in central america

Designing for the disconnect - Enabling the Edge - some lessons in hardware, software and network design, learned in Central America, the hard way.
Cloud 05/01/2011
dave taht

* Ensemble, rethinking cloud deployments

Ensemble is a new opensource configuration management and tool for deploying services into a cloud and data center environments
Cloud 05/11/2011
Kapil Thangavelu

* Eucalyptus: design of an open-source cloud computing platform

In this presentation, we discuss the set of design and implementation details that play into developing a Linux-based, open-source, large scale, infrastructure level distributed system that implements a private cloud computing platform.
Cloud 04/28/2011
Daniel Nurmi

* initializing stock images with cloud-init

Cloud 04/28/2011
Scott Moser

* Persistent Data Storage in KVM-based Clouds

A discussion of implementation and performance issues for persistent data storage in KVM-based clouds
Cloud 06/08/2011
Khoa Huynh, Badari Pulavarty

* Remus - Transparent HA for Xen VMs with Stateful Failover

Remus is a HA system for Xen VMs that preserves complete Guest OS runtime state (including network connections) upon failover.
Cloud 06/02/2011
Shriram Rajagopalan

* Track Lead

The Cloud Track focuses on the underlying design methodologies, development tools, and emerging best practices around Linux and Open Source in Public and Private Clouds
Cloud 04/15/2011
Dustin Kirkland, Ahmed Kamal