Virtualization track

The Linux Plumbers 2011 Virtualization track is focusing on general free software Linux Virtualization. It is not focused on a specific hypervisor, but will focus on general virtualization issues and in particular collaboration amongst projects. This would include KVM, Xen, QEMU, containers etc.


  • Kernel and Hypervisor KVM/QEMU/Xen interaction
  • QEMU integration, sharing of code between the different projects
  • IO Performance and scalability
  • Live Migration
  • Managing and supporting enterprise storage
  • Support for new hardware features, and/or provide guest access to these features.
  • Guest agents
  • Virtualization management tools, libvirt, etc.
  • Desktop integration
  • Consumer Electronics device emulation
  • Custom platform configuration and coordination with the kernel


Virtualization hypervisor developers, developers of virtualization management tools and applications, embedded virtualization developers, vendors and others.

LPC 2011 Virtualization Wiki

Proposals for this track

* KVM/Xen intergration

Both Xen and KVM do virtualization. What can we integrate to leverage each other advantages (and reduce the maintainer headache)
Virtualization 04/29/2011
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk

* Libvirt Simulation for Cloud - Proposal

Linux Virtualization Stack simulation using libvirt APIs
Virtualization 05/02/2011
Supriya Kannery, Venugopala Channarayappa

* Linux as an HVM guest: receive interrupts as Xen events

Remapping legacy interrupts and MSIs onto event channels in Xen HVM guests
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini

* New filesystem freeze API

Folproof filesystem freeze API for user space daemons and guest agents. (slides)
Virtualization 08/29/2011
Fernando Luis Vazquez Cao

* Qemu in a Linux based stubdom

The challenges and the benefits of running Qemu in a Linux based stubdom
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini

* Seeking a path to zero-copy paravirtualised networking in the Linux kernel

How can we reintroduce the zero-copy behaviour that was removed as part of the process of upstreaming Xen's netback driver (slides)
Virtualization 04/19/2011
Ian Campbell

* Session lead

Session lead for Virtualization micro conf
Virtualization 03/23/2011
Jes Sorensen

* VFIO: PCI device assignment breaks free of KVM

VFIO allows exporting PCI devices to userspace drivers. Discussion of using this interface for assigning physical devices to virtual machines and obstacles remaining for integration. (slides)
Virtualization 07/28/2011
Alex Williamson

* Virtio on Xen

How does Virtio compare with traditional Xen PV drivers? (slides)
Virtualization 04/20/2011
Stefano Stabellini, Anthony PERARD

* Yabusame: Postcopy Live Migration for Qemu/KVM

Yabusame is yet another live migration mechanism for Qemu/KVM, which implements the migration technique known as "postcopy" or "lazy" migration. (slides)
Virtualization 06/02/2011
Takahiro Hirofuchi