File and Storage Systems track

he track will deal with issues around file and storage systems in Linux, from the kernel space up to user space. Getting applications to work well and get tuned properly, how to benchmark administer, etc.

The track should draw developers for the various components, vendors of storage systems (both traditional storage and newer devices), kernel developers.


Proposals for this track

* Building common tools to manage file, LVM and hardware features

The session will detail a design and progress towards getting a unified way to manage common features like snapshots, growth, shrinking for file systems and files.
File and Storage Systems 04/13/2011
Ric Wheeler

* dm-verity: a device mapper target for integrity checking of block devices

The verity target provides transparent integrity checking of block devices using a cryptographic digest.
File and Storage Systems 05/01/2011
Mandeep Baines

* Federated File System on Linux

Linux FedFS implementation needs help defining its user interfaces
File and Storage Systems 04/29/2011
Chuck Lever

* Session Lead

Session leader for the Storage and Filesystem MC
File and Storage Systems 03/18/2011
James E.J. Bottomley

* Towards consistent interfaces to expose DCB attributes to applications

This presentation will propose interfaces to expose DCB attributes to MPIO, virtualization, and other applications consistently regardless of underlying device type. (slides)
File and Storage Systems 05/16/2011
John Fastabend