Audio track

Audio support on Linux is currently undergoing a rapid evolution, with a growing expectation on the part of users that everything will work off the shelf with no manual configuration. This is a particular problem at the system integration level, with many diverse audio sources and sinks (both physical and software) in the system which need to be managed together to provide the functionality which end users expect.

The problems are most complex in the embedded world due to both the lack of hardware standards and big developments in both the audio hardware present on embedded systems such as mobile phones and the feature sets supported at the user level.

In this track we want to cover the whole audio stack, from userspace sound servers and interfaces to low-level audio driver architecture. We’ll focus on new audio features for audio production, as well as technology for the classic desktop and cover mobile platforms as well.


Proposals for this track

* Compressed data support in sound subsystem

The new streaming interface proposal provides a framework in sound subsystem to support offloaded decoders and encoders
Audio 06/01/2011
Vinod Koul, Pierre Bossart

* DSP management - status & discussion

Status update and discussion on future directions for the control of DSP features on
Audio 06/01/2011
Mark Brown

* Future of AVRCP on Linux

This talk will present the features Linux is missing to comply with the current AVRCP spec, and a proposal of how to achieve fully compliance.
Audio 05/15/2011
João Paulo Rechi Vita

* Making Passthrough Audio on Linux Just Work

This is a talk about the various changes we made to PulseAudio and GStreamer to support passthrough output for compressed audio formats and how applications can make use of this.
Audio 04/15/2011
Arun Raghavan