BoF track

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Proposals for this track

* ARM collaboration summit

Meetup for ARM Linux distributions interested in working together
BoF 08/09/2011
Steve McIntyre, Jon Masters

* Backporting the Linux kernel, for good

Unifying Linux kernel backport efforts (slides)
BoF 07/27/2011
Luis Rodriguez

* Emerging trends in Licensing standards - BOF

BOF for those who want to talk about licensing standards, and automated license detection and reporting.
BoF 05/26/2011
Kate Stewart

* Enhance video experience by Multi-plane-bof

This presentation will introduce multi-plane HW solution and provide one software solution to make good use of multi-plane and enable translucency.
BoF 06/01/2011
Juan Zhao

* Kconfig Fragments

BoF to discuss ideas for using Kconfig fragments to replace defconfigs, as well as using them to reduce the amount of distro-specific config management infrastructure that is out there.
BoF 04/30/2011
John Stultz, Darren Hart

* Libhugetlbfs and transparent huge pages

How libhugetlbfs and THP can be used together to provide easy access to huge pages.
BoF 06/13/2011
Eric Munson

* Linux Bridging - hardware offloads, IEEE802.1Qbg and future trends

Discuss early work to support hardware offloads in bridging module and unifying Linux switching solutions.
BoF 08/29/2011
John Fastabend

* Memory cgroups: Who's using it out there?

Discussion of the current or future uses of memory control groups in the real world.
BoF 04/30/2011
Dave Hansen

* Optimizing Firefox: Why Large Applications Start Slowly on Linux

Linker, compiler, runtime linker and the kernel can be improved to start applications significantly faster
BoF 08/22/2011
Taras Glek

* Testing and fixing BIOS/platform issues

The kernel often has to cope with misconfiguration and bugs in BIOS and ACPI, working around them when possible and reporting them otherwise. These bugs rarely managed to get fixed upstream, and nothing prevents them from recurring on new systems with new BIOSes. We'd like to change that.
BoF 08/19/2011
Josh Triplett

* What applications need to know about Btrfs.

A look at the new things Btrfs can do and how applications can take advantage of them.
BoF 05/24/2011
Josef Bacik