Dry Creek Valley

Capacity: 150

Dry Creek Valley

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 Birds of a Feather Sessions

Proposals for this room

* Emerging trends in Licensing standards - BOF

BOF for those who want to talk about licensing standards, and automated license detection and reporting.
BoF 05/26/2011
Kate Stewart

* Kconfig Fragments

BoF to discuss ideas for using Kconfig fragments to replace defconfigs, as well as using them to reduce the amount of distro-specific config management infrastructure that is out there.
BoF 04/30/2011
John Stultz, Darren Hart

Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 Microconferences

Proposals for this room

* Hardware Accelerated multimedia, the missing parts

How the kernel can help user space make best use of hardware for multimedia acceleration.
Desktop 03/25/2011
Edward Hervey