Linux Plumbers Conference 2011 proposals

Presentation submissions are now closed.  All submitters will be notified of their proposal's status by 1 June 2011.

We are still accepting proposals for micro-conference topics, and BoF

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* Linux Power Management Experiences on Moorestown

How Linux handles the power management challenges of the Moorestown platform. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 03/18/2011
Len Brown

* Runtime PM vs System Sleep

There are fundamental differences between runtime PM and system suspend such that system sleep cannot be regarded as "deep idle". (slides)
Refereed Presentations 03/19/2011
Rafael Wysocki

* IRQ naming and routing

Most modern network and storage controllers have multiple interrupts but Linux kernel has inconsistent management (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/05/2011
Stephen Hemminger

* ThunderboltTechnology – What is it and what are the Open Source implications

This presentation will cover the technical details of the Thunderbolt technology as well as the Open Source implications and SW items that will need to be addressed to support the new technology. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/08/2011
John Ronciak

* PowerNap Dynamic Power Management

Like a screen saver for Servers, PowerNap lowers the power state of underutilized systems (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/12/2011
Dustin Kirkland

* lockdep: How to read its cryptic output

Learn to read the output from lockdep when your code can trigger a deadlock (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/20/2011
Steven Rostedt

* Where is the Linux kernel on scalability?

Overview of kernel scalability on servers. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/28/2011
Andi Kleen, Tim Chen

* Virtualization: Writing (and testing) device drivers without hardware

How to use QEMU to develop future hardware models to develop and test device drivers before hardware is available. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/28/2011
Peter Waskiewicz, Shannon Nelson

* Globally fair group CPU scheduling

A look at the fairness and wake-up latency improvements that can be achieved by extending vruntime beyond the per-cpu level. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Paul Turner

* D-Bus Performance: Observations and Solutions

Results of performance analysis of D-Bus, with suggestions for improvement.
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Robin Bate Boerop

* Virtual Machine Memory Overcommitment

Memory Overcommit has an increasing number of players and complexity across the entire software stack. This talk will take a look at how they interact. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Dave Hansen

* Extending (Disk) Data Integrity Support in Linux

This talk summarizes where T10 DIF support sits today in Linux, and moves on to exposing the integrity API to userspace and how we might accomplish this through the filesystems. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 04/30/2011
Darrick Wong

* Linux OS Infrastructure for Memory Power Management

Discuss details of a Linux OS infrastructure to exploit memory power management capabilities in the hardware (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/03/2011
Vaidyanathan Srinivasan, Ankita Garg

* The Linux NFC subsystem

Describing the new Linux Near Field Communication architecture, from kernel to userspace. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/09/2011
Samuel Ortiz, Lauro Venancio

* OSWALD: Lessons from and for the Open Hardware Movement

Envisioned as a cutting-edge computing platform that would encourage students to tinker with all the latest developments in the mobile space without fear of breaking their own gadgets, the initial version of the OSWALD project out of OSU failed in several key areas. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/15/2011
Tim Harder

* x32 - a native 32-bit ABI for x86-64

A work-in-progress new ABI for x86 combines the memory footprint of a 32-bit process with the enhanced capabilities of the x86-64 ISA. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 05/15/2011
H. Peter Anvin

* Some challenges for the plumbing community

Some challenges for the plumbing community (slides)
Keynote 06/20/2011
Jonathan Corbet

* Relativistic Development

Exploring FLOSS development models, good, bad, and ugly. (slides)
Keynote 06/20/2011
Allison Randal

* BITS: Testing BIOS/platform issues with Python in a bootloader

The kernel often has to cope with misconfiguration and bugs in BIOS and ACPI, working around them when possible and reporting them otherwise. These bugs rarely managed to get fixed upstream, and nothing prevents them from recurring on new systems with new BIOSes. Help us change that, and hear about BITS, our system for testing BIOS using Python and ACPICA embedded in GRUB. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 08/26/2011
Josh Triplett

* Can Linux Cope with Diversity?

An exploration of whether hardware diversity and the need to ship product in the ARM ecosystem conflicts with working upstream the whole time (slides)
Keynote 09/01/2011
David Rusling

* Control is the New Community: What Linux can Learn from Android

Lessons that can be drawn from our android upstream experience (slides)
Refereed Presentations 09/06/2011
James E.J. Bottomley