LPC2011 Internet uplink sponsored by Sonic.net

Sonic.net has graciously agreed to sponsor the Internet needs of our conference. They’ll be providing a 30/30Mb dedicated to the conference facility. Without their support, we would have been stuck with a single 20Mb downstream link (unknown upload speed) shared between the conference, guest rooms, and hotel office. This sponsorship is especially nice because Sonic.net is both a major ISP (you may have heard of its fiber deployments in Northern California recently, or it’s network administration win for one of the Google fiber rollouts) and a local company.

Sonic.net provides Flexlink Ethernet & Fiber solutions for businesses. Please contact preferred account executives Janelle Santos <jmsantos@corp.sonic.net>, Mitzi Zamarripa <mitzi.zamarripa@corp.sonic.net> or Tiffany (Lawson) Bagala <tdl@corp.sonic.net> with any questions; they’re authorized to provide special discounts to attendees and those associated with the conference.