Linux Plumbers Conference Call For Working Sessions Submissions

The Planning Committee for the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) is happy to announce that submissions to the “micro-conferences” portion of the conference is now open.  The micro-conferences are working session focused on specific infrastructural “plumbing” in the Linux system – kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing system, etc. — which are half-day in length.

The potential topics for the working sessions can be found at Topics Page on the LPC Wiki and include (but are not limited to):

  • Audio
  • Bufferbloat
  • Cloud
  • Desktop
  • Development Tools
  • Early Boot and Init
  • Embedded Build Systems
  • File and Storage Systems
  • Mobile
  • Power Management
  • Real Time
  • Scaling
  • Virtualization

The topics that will actually have working sessions scheduled at the LPC will depend on the submissions to the Microconference and on the ability of its respective community to organize a successful working session; see the “Responsibilities of a working session leader” page on the LPC wiki for more details. The list of Microconferences above just reflects the current state of the conference.  If you have an idea for a new micro-conference, select the “Microconference Proposals” track in the proposals form to suggest it.  If the committee agrees, we’ll add it as its own Microconference.

Microconference submissions do not have to reflect finished work. In fact, proposals or proof-of-concepts of potential solutions to important problems are encouraged, so they can be discussed and debated during the microconference.

Proposals for presentations at a microconference may be submitted on this web site.  In addition to the micro conference, the Linux Plumbers Conference has open calls for papers and BoFs.

For further announcements about LPC, please watch our blog or subscribe to our LPC announcements mailing list.