Additional hotels

It appears many of you have chosen to put off hotel booking to the last minute. As a result, there may not be space available in the negotiated rate block at the venue hotels (the Hyatt and the Marriott). There is still space available at higher rates, so please call for availability (see the “attend” page for details).

If you still can’t get a room or the rates don’t appeal to you, there’s one other hotel near the conference venue, the Hotel La Rose. It’s just a couple of blocks from the Hyatt in Railroad Square so a good choice if you can’t get a room at the venue.

Other good hotels in Santa Rosa include the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country and the Flamingo Hotel. These hotels aren’t within easy walking distance however, so if you choose to stay in one of them, you’ll need to arrange for transportation (either using a hotel shuttle if available, or taking a taxi).