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Linux Plumbers Conference Birds of a Feather Sessions

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* Kernel Debugging

Discuss state of KGDB and other kernel debug technologies.
BoF 09/27/2010
Deepak Saxena

* Kicking the Tires of The Yocto Project

Discuss the details of the recently announced yocto project and where it can lend value to embedded linux development.
BoF 10/30/2010
Tracey Erway, Dirk Hohndel

* Power On war stories

lighting up a new board brings together a lot of interesting talent, and has a lot of challenges.
BoF 08/22/2010
Mark Gross

Linux Plumbers Conference Microconferences

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* Desktop

Desktop related topics "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Desktop 07/22/2010
Vincent Untz

* Embedded

Embedded topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Embedded 07/02/2010
Grant Likely

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010

Favorite proposals for this user

* Device trees on ARM

Status of device tree support for Linux on ARM
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Jeremy Kerr

* Embedded Linux easier

An approach to making it easier to work with embedded Linux
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Dirk Hohndel

* Linux Graphics Directions

Now that we have competent Linux kernel graphics support, what comes next?
Refereed Presentations 07/19/2010
Keith Packard

* Porting the Linux kernel to a new architecture, done right

A quick tour around the architecture specific kernel implementation a working example code. (slides)
Refereed Presentations 07/17/2010
Arnd Bergmann

* Proof Of Concept results of Wake Lock replacement experiments for Android 2.2

A report out of experiences from hacking the Android PM model to use PM wakeup event's instead of kernel wake locks.
Refereed Presentations 07/18/2010
Mark Gross

* The kernel report

The kernel: where it is, how it got there, and where it's going. (slides)
Keynote 07/19/2010
Jonathan Corbet