Leonid Grossman


Leonid has over 20 years of experience in networking and system software development.
He works at Exar Corporation as a VP of Software Engineering for 10GbE Server and Storage products.

Before joining Exar Corp, Leonid was a Founder of Neterion, a Silicon Valley venture-backed startup founded in 2001 and acquired by Exar in 2010.

Prior to Neterion, Leonid worked in SiliconValley since early 90’s for Advanced Micro Devices, Alteon WebSystems, and Nortel Networks in various development and managerial positions.

Leonid presented in the past at Ottawa Linux Symposium, Xen Summit, VMWorld and other conferences on topics related to hardware and software I/O virtualization, 10GbE tecnologies, and network and storage hardware accelerators.

Proposals for this user

* IOV hardware and software plumbing for VMware ESX - journey to uncompromised I/O Virtualization and Convergence

Integration of VMware ESX para-virtual and passthru I/O "plumbing", 10GbE IOV, and protocol acceleration.
Virtualization 07/17/2010
Leonid Grossman