Khoa Huynh



Khoa Huynh joined IBM in 1989 where he first worked on OS/2 in the areas of kernel memory management, remote client management, and system performance. He joined IBM’s Linux Technology Center in 2001 where he led the Linux defect support team working with major Linux distributors, and later, joined the virtualization development team, contributing to XEN’s full virtualization support for Windows. Khoa is currently on the Linux Performance team, focusing on the performance of virtualization technologies, such as the IBM PowerVM, XEN, and KVM. Khoa also holds a doctorate in Computer Science. His areas of interest include virtualization, system architectures, and cloud computing.

Linux Plumbers Conference Microconferences

Proposals for this user

* KVM/QEMU Storage Stack Performance Discussion

An in-depth discussion of the key challenges in optimizing KVM/QEMU storage stack performance, our recent progress, and solicitation of ideas on further work in this area.
Virtualization 07/19/2010
Stefan Hajnoczi, Khoa Huynh

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010

Proposals for this user

* KVM I/O Performance on Large Storage Systems

An examination of KVM I/O performance in three large storage environments (direct-attached storage with multiple disk arrays, remote storage, and a typical storage cloud), identification of key performance issues and attributes in each of those environments, and our recent results in addressing those performance issues and optimizing I/O performance for KVM in those environments.
Refereed Presentations 07/16/2010
Khoa Huynh, Stefan Hajnoczi, Andrew Theurer