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* Audio

Discussion of audio integration issues in both kernel and userspace, covering both desktop and embedded systems. "Wiki": "Etherpad":
Audio 07/16/2010
Mark Brown, Lennart Poettering

* Challenges in Mobile Networking

Challenges that we have with networking in the mobile space.
User Visible Network Issues 08/10/2010
Matt Domsch

* CPUIdle versus Suspend

What issues are keeping CPUIdle from being closer to suspend in terms of power savings?
Power Management 08/03/2010
Mike Turquette

* Exposing routing information to applications

Discussion of presentation of audio path data to applications
Audio 08/05/2010
Mark Brown

* Handling of digital audio links in ASoC

Discussion of how to handle digital audio sources outside the CPU
Audio 08/05/2010
Mark Brown, Liam Girdwood

* I/O Runtime PM Framework and CPUidle

Discussion about the needs and possibilities of the I/O runtime PM framework integration with the CPUidle framework.
Power Management 07/26/2010
Rafael Wysocki

* Per-device PM QoS constraints

Explore and discuss methods to handle PM QoS constraints for each device in addition to system wide constraints.
Embedded 08/10/2010
Kevin Hilman

* State of the Linux Audio Infrastructure in 2010

A quick overview where the Linux audio infrastructure stands this year.
Audio 08/13/2010
Lennart Poettering

* Unfragmenting embedded Linux platform offerings

Discussion around migrating specific Android tools and technology into other embedded Linux distros, to reduce fragmentation in the industry.
Embedded 07/20/2010
Tim Bird