Alexander Graf


Alexander started working for Novell about 3 years ago. Since then he worked on fancy things like mkinitrd, qemu and KVM.

Whenever something really useful comes to his mind, he tends to implement it. Among his more well-known projects are Mac OS X virtualization, the modular SUSE initrd and nested SVM. He is also the official maintainer of KVM for PowerPC and Qemu for S390x.

On the publicly invisible side he worked on SUSE Studio backend parts, keeping appliance building secure and fast.

Proposals for this user

* Combining Xenner, Xen and KVM into a giant furball

Making the world a better place by enabling people to switch between Xen, Qemu and KVM as they wish.
Virtualization 08/25/2010
Alexander Graf

* KVM on S390x

Where are we, where are we going and why do we need KVM on S390x?
Virtualization 06/19/2010
Alexander Graf