Michael Meeks

Michael Meeks

Novell, Inc.


Michael is a Christian and enthusiastic believer in Free software. He
very much enjoys working for Novell where as a member of the Desktop
research team he has worked on desktop infrastructure and
applications, particularly MeeGo,, CORBA, Bonobo,
Nautilus, Evolution and accessibility, amongst other interesting
things. He now works as an Architect, trying to understand and nudge
the direction of our Linux Desktop work. Prior to this he worked for
Quantel gaining expertise in real time AV editing and playback
achieved with high performance focused hardware / software solutions.

Linux Plumbers Conference Microconferences

Proposals for this user

* bootchart2 - what is going on ?

Come hear about the somewhat less-lame boot-charting solution.
Boot and Init 09/10/2010
Michael Meeks

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010

Proposals for this user

* The wonderful world of LibreOffice

How we will fix your Free Software Office Suite (slides)
Keynote 10/01/2010
Michael Meeks