Linux HTPC

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Scheduled: Friday, November 5, 2010 from 10:50 – 11:35am in President's Ballroom

One Line Summary

Using Linux to build your own Home Theater PC.


A tour from the nuts and bolts of low-level device drivers for digital video capture devices, hardware video decoding devices and infrared remote control receivers and transmitters to the userspace libraries and applications that consume them to create your own Linux-based Home Theater PC setup.

I’ll be aiming to highlight some new happenings in the world of IR (new ir-core and lirc integration in 2.6.36) and video decoding (broadcom crystalhd, vdpau, vaapi), what’s been done, what we still need to do, etc.

- long-time contributor to MythTV, one of the most complete open-source Home Theater PC applications around
- maintainer of multiple infrared remote control drivers, one of the core people in the lirc project, doing the bulk of the ir-core integration work
- maintainer of broadcom crystalhd driver and library
- Fedora maintainer of packages for all of the above

Why this is interesting to a technical audience:
- covers a lot of relatively new device drivers and discusses ways they can be utilized by users and developers alike to improve their HTPC experience, from ease of setup and maintenance to optimizing playback quality and minimizing power draw.


Multimedia, Video, Infrared


  • Jarod Wilson

    Red Hat


    Born and raised in Seattle, WA, moved to Boston, MA area for job with Red Hat back in 2006. Currently the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 kernel maintainer, contributor to Fedora, involved w/multiple upstream projects.

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