Tracing (Part II)

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Scheduled: Thursday, November 4, 2010 from 4:30 – 7:00pm in William Dawes

One Line Summary

Linux Tracing topics and issues. "Wiki": "Etherpad":


Tracing within the Linux kernel and userland helps in seeing how and why the system acts the way it does. Tracing facilitates the debuging of the system as well as understanding the reason the system behaves in a certain way.

Currently, Ftrace is the major tracing infrastructure of the Linux kernel, but perf is starting to overlap in its features. Not to mention LTTng, which is not part of the mainline kernel but is being used by companies with a patched kernel. Integration of these tracers would benefit the user community greatly, but there are some technical (as well as social) issues in making them collaborate better.


  • Vinod Kutty

    Track Lead


    Associate Director, CME Group

  • Steveface-sm

    Steven Rostedt

    Red Hat


    Steven started tinkering with Linux while working at Lockheed Martin. He left Lockheed to work at TimeSys on their real-time Linux kernel. Then he started his own contracting company which lead him to work on the Linux RT patch with Ingo Molnar, which eventually lead him to a job at Red Hat.

    While working to get the RT patch’s latency tracer ready for mainline, he incorporated his own lodgev tracing utility and the final product became what is now known as Ftrace. He currently maintains Ftrace and is working on user space tools to interact with it.

    He still finds time for his real job which is to support the real-time kernel in Red Hat’s MRG product.

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