Running mainstream distributions on ARM


One Line Summary

Discussion about how to run mainstream Linux distributions on ARM-based systems


Nowadays ARM architecture becomes more and more widespread and popular among variety of device vendors. ARM based SoCs are used in smartphones, home NAS boxes, medical equipment, industrial devices and so on.
A lot of ARM devices run Linux and there are ARM ports of Slackware, Debian, Gentoo and Ubuntu. However, there are very few ARM-based devices can undergo “traditional” Linux installation with ISO or USB images and fancy installers.
The ability to install Linux out of the box on an ARM-based device would simplify software prototyping and development for specialized embedded systems. And, especially, this ability seems essential for smartbook and tablet devices.

The topics that seem to me worth discussing are:

  • Multiplatform kernel
  • Integration of SoC-specific graphics and multimedia
  • Lightweight desktop
  • Radio interfaces support (3G, GPS)


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