data logging for device field trials


One Line Summary

embedded device debugging is made harder by the fact that people use them, and when they crash you arn't there. How to capture useful data persistently for remote postmortem debug is the question


Black Box recording of state data over time such that useful debug tracing, core files, and kernel messages reliably is an interesting challenge for an embedded device undergoing field trials.

what logging,trace,crash dump, core dump, and other information would be useful to have in a standard kernel?

I think there is a lot of duplicated effort going into this sort of thing we should look to getting semi standardized.


  • Mark10242009

    Mark Gross



    (draft – will update later)
    Mark Gross works in the Intel Ultra Mobile Group at Intel and is focused on enabling Android on Intel based handset and tablet platforms. (Moorestown at the moment)

    Mark is also active in power linux kernel power management, mostly through PM-QoS, and has been participating in the Linux kernel for around 10 years.

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