device pm tuning is hard


One Line Summary

after getting all the pm patches into your system, there is a lot more work to do to get good battery life.


The difference between PM enabled and a PM tuned device is about 4 days of standby battery life. Going the last mile on the PM tuning is really hard work, and has a lot of challenges you wouldn’t expect.

like device fw bugs, c-state and p-state issues, and generally involves a lot of tracing work in kernel and with power measurement hardware.


  • Mark10242009

    Mark Gross



    (draft – will update later)
    Mark Gross works in the Intel Ultra Mobile Group at Intel and is focused on enabling Android on Intel based handset and tablet platforms. (Moorestown at the moment)

    Mark is also active in power linux kernel power management, mostly through PM-QoS, and has been participating in the Linux kernel for around 10 years.

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