Device tree discussion session


One Line Summary

General discussion about device tree support on embedded platforms


Linux is gaining support for device tree infrastructure on an increasing number of platforms, most of them embedded-style devices. Proper implementation of device tree support requires cooperation on a number of fronts – including the hardware itself, the boot loader, the operating system and development tools.

Therefore, this session aims to get all interested parties in one place to have a chat about:

  • current status of device tree support
  • specifications, documentation and resources
  • future developments

We’re aiming to converge on a set of best-practices for device tree support.

While we expect most discussion to be focused on the ARM architecture, we would like to include representatives with interests in other platforms too. We’d like to invite developers from all layers of the embedded software stack.


kernel, device tree, boot, bootloader


  • Jeremy Kerr



    Jeremy Kerr works for Canonical, as a Linux kernel developer, on the hardware enablement team.

    Jeremy has contributed to a range of other Open Source projects as well, such as petitboot (a GUI bootloader), K42 (a research operating system), patchwork (a web-based patch-tracking system) and nfsim (the netfilter simulation environment).

    Jeremy’s interests lie in operating system kernels, Linux on ARM, and the Cell/B.E. & PowerPC architectures.

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