Remote booting over iSCSI and FCoE: The past, the present, and the future.


One Line Summary

This presentation shows the unique challenges with remote booting a system over iSCSI and FCoE storage protocols on Linux, lessons learned from past implementations, and future directions.


Remote boot in diskless systems over storage protocols like iSCSI and FCoE on Linux distributions have recently come into prominence in data center environments. This presentation will have a general outline of the work done in this field to date (including work in various components like dracut, mkinitrd, YasT, iBFT, EDD etc.), the current state of affairs including commonly reported issues from customers, and present a couple of ideas on how we can potentially improve existing methods under the overall Linux umbrella.


iSCSI, Remote Boot, FCoE, pre-boot, mkinitrd, dracut, anaconda, YasT


  • Supreeth Venkataraman

    Intel Corporation


    I am a software engineer with Intel Corporation. I primarily work on pre-boot Option ROMs for storage protocols like iSCSI and FCoE, and also am involved in contributing to remote boot using these protocols in Linux.

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