Divide and Conquer: An alternative approach to split-site clustering in Pacemaker


One Line Summary

Filtered replication for the Pacemaker CIB


Up to this point, the more widely discussed approaches for split-site clustering have all involved some form of extending Corosync (or Heartbeat) communications across all sites. This discussion will highlight a different approach: separate clusters which filtered CIB replicates between sites. This approach involves a “publisher” resource agent, which exposes part of the CIB over an SSL-encrypted HTTP connection, and a “subscriber” agent, which consumes this HTTPS stream and updates the local CIB accordingly.

With this, we can achieve automatically distributed, synchronized cluster configurations across multiple sites, while completely side-stepping the latency issues which our cluster communication protocols have. And we can use existing Pacemaker functionality without any changes to the cluster communication layer.


  • Florian Haas



    Florian is a senior consultant, tech writer, blogger, and developer at LINBIT. Working for a 100% Linux High Availability company, he blogs about, and contributes to, Linux clustering development and storage replication. Florian is the principal author of the DRBD User’s Guide and the Linux-HA User’s Guide, a regular contributor to the Linux-HA and DRBD projects, and a frequent conference speaker. He has previously tutored and presented at the MySQL Users Conference and Expo, LinuxTag, LinuxCon, the Tokyo Open Source Conference, and others.

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