Low Carb diet: removing XML syntactic sugar from the CIB


One Line Summary

Cleaning out the CIB XML schema


The current Pacemaker CIB XML schema is rife with “syntactic sugar”. In the Heartbeat 2.x days, in the absence of any truly useful management interface, we needed these shortcuts in the XML in order to make configuration changes bearable. With the advent of the CRM shell, we can (and should!) move any such shortcuts into the shell and discontinue adding syntactic sugar to the CIB schema.

This discussion will identify syntactic sugar in the XML schema and provide ideas on how to remove it, how we can leverage the shell to provide useful shortcuts to users, and how we can prevent syntactic sugar from entering the CIB space in the future.


  • Florian Haas



    Florian is a senior consultant, tech writer, blogger, and developer at LINBIT. Working for a 100% Linux High Availability company, he blogs about, and contributes to, Linux clustering development and storage replication. Florian is the principal author of the DRBD User’s Guide and the Linux-HA User’s Guide, a regular contributor to the Linux-HA and DRBD projects, and a frequent conference speaker. He has previously tutored and presented at the MySQL Users Conference and Expo, LinuxTag, LinuxCon, the Tokyo Open Source Conference, and others.

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