Resource Agents 1.1: fixing the OCF resource agent metadata schema


One Line Summary

An overview of proposed updates to the XML schema we use to define OCF resource agent metadata


The OCF RelaxNG schema (previously a DTD) which we are currently shipping with resource-agents 1.0 is lacking a few key components. We have no way to express that a resource agent (or parameter) is obsolete or deprecated. We can not express one resource agent being superseded by another. We have limited resource agent parameter types, with lists and enumerations being notably absent from the schema. This presentation will highlight this and other weaknesses in the current schema, and provide suggestions to eliminate them.


  • Marek Grac

    Red Hat


    Marek is a software developer at Red Hat company. Working on HA clustering and load-balancing.

  • Florian Haas



    Florian is a senior consultant, tech writer, blogger, and developer at LINBIT. Working for a 100% Linux High Availability company, he blogs about, and contributes to, Linux clustering development and storage replication. Florian is the principal author of the DRBD User’s Guide and the Linux-HA User’s Guide, a regular contributor to the Linux-HA and DRBD projects, and a frequent conference speaker. He has previously tutored and presented at the MySQL Users Conference and Expo, LinuxTag, LinuxCon, the Tokyo Open Source Conference, and others.

  • Lars Marowsky-BrĂ©e

    SUSE Linux Products GmbH


    Lars has been involved in Open Source High-Availability solutions since 1999. He currently works at Novell & SUSE as architect and project manager for the SUSE Linux Enterprise High-Availability Extension.

  • Dejan Muhamedagic



    Dejan has been working for more than 20 years in various fields of computing, starting with Ultrix, a UNIX flavour of DEC, a company which does not exist anymore, and today spending most of the time with Linux. Since he joined the SUSE Labs in early 2007, he has been working full time on High Availability products: Heartbeat v2 and Pacemaker.

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