Handling Thin provisioning Capacity Threshold Alerts


One Line Summary

Handling Thin provisioning Capacity Threshold Alerts


With recent advancements in T10 standards, thin provisioned storage LUNs reaching capacity threshold limits will start notifying the Host initiators with check conditions about impending administrative actions.

Such notifications require the administrator to perform a bunch of storage provisioning steps. However the kernel is today not equipped to inform the administrator about these tasks. The situation is even more complex when the LUN is shared across Multiple Host initiators via shared filesystems.

The presentation discusses ways to handle such events in the SCSI, filesystem and application layers and aims to drive consensus in achieving this solution.


filesystem, Threshold alerts, Thin provisioning, T10, SCSI


  • Shyam Iyer



    Shyam Iyer is a senior software engineer in Dell’s Enterprise Linux Engineering group enabling Dell PowerEdge Servers and Storage for the Enterprise Linux Operating Systems. Most recently, he lead RHEL6 engineering efforts for Dell’s PowerEdge Server’s and currently works as an onsite partner for Dell at Redhat.

    His interests encompass Linux Kernel Debugging, Server Platform bringup, iSCSI, Virtualization technologies architectural development, performance tuning and white papers.

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