Per-device PM QoS constraints


One Line Summary

Explore and discuss methods to handle PM QoS constraints for each device in addition to system wide constraints.


Currently, PM QoS constraints are managed as system-wide resources. On modern SoCs which can be separated into different power domains it is useful to track PM QoS constraints at a per-device level such that when constraints are met for all devices in a power domain, that power domain can be managed independently from the others.

We currently do this on OMAP SoCs but it is clear that something like this is more broadly useful (c.f. recent thread on linux-pm1)

The goal of this session would be to briefly summarize what we do on OMAP and encourage discussion of how to generalize this into the generic driver model and/or the PM QoS framework.



Embedded, power management, PM QoS


  • Biography

    Kevin has been a Linux user since 1994, and a kernel hacker since 1999 when he started writing drivers and working on kernel ports to new embedded platforms. He has been a driver/kernel developer for Equator Technologies, Texas Instruments, MontaVista and now runs a small consulting company offering services in upstream kernel development, and specializing in power management.

    He is also the maintainer of the kernel for the TI DaVinci SoCs and is active developer in the TI OMAP kernel community where he is a maintainer of the OMAP PM core code.

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