Network virtualization


One Line Summary

Discuss support for layer-2 switching, network isolation, QoS, and virtual machine migrations of virtualized workloads


Discuss impact of, and solutions required for efficient network isolation (access control), traffic control and Qos, configuration and automation with the increasing use of virtual machines and corresponding advances in io virtualization. The miniconf will extend the issues brought forward on the (submitted) talks on ‘network isolation and QoS support’, external switching support and data-center bridging. Some of the areas include:
- optimization and performance
- physical link virtualization using multi-channel suppot (CDCP)
- Supporing nextgen CNAs and NICs (integrated switching, DCB negotiation etc.)
- guest migration
- Support for IEEE protocols


  • Biography

    Vivek works in IBM’s Linux Technology Center leading Linux Containers, Application mobility and Network Virtualization. Vivek has worked on Linux resource management, delay-accounting, Energy & hardware management, and authored InfiniBand, IPoIB, IEEE 802.1Qbg protocol standards and worked on corresponding implementation in Linux.

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